PLEASE go check out my friends Anna Ash, Marty, and Angela and the band,    Neon Summer!! I’ve watched these three REALLY grow into one amazing trio over the years! They were already great and now AMAZINGLY great!!! Im SOOOO proud of them! Love you All!!!!!! Congrats! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for yall! - TiffanyJones Alexander

I have had the privilege of working with these guys in a few areas. They’ve ALWAYS put on an incredible show and was always well received and loved. Those of you who have had the opportunity to listen to them know their vocals are unparalleled. I wish these guys all the best. - Glenn Zacek

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!! 

As you can imagine our desks get flooded with new music and invites to shows all of the time but sometimes a band slips by our radars and it takes a good friend to introduce you to them.

For me, my friend Tom Diebold from back in my hometown of Chicago was the one that
introduced me to Neon Summer on his recent trip to town. He had seen them back home at a venue called the Sundance Saloon and saw that when he was going to be in Nashville they would be playing and told me he wanted to go so we did.

When you are playing a live set down on Broadway there is always constant competition to
maintain a crowd due to the countless other venues in that area all featuring music. Its a
perfect spot for a bar hopping as none of the honky-tonks have cover charges, but for a band it is very difficult to keep a crowd in the venue for an extended period of time. On this particular night, not only did Stony Run, a trio featuring husband and wife, and the
husband’s sister, have to compete with the other bands but also with a soccer game happening just three blocks away at nearby LP field as well as the UFC a few blocks away at the Bridgestone Arena.  So due to circumstances the crowd was pretty scarce at the beginning of their performance, however that doesn't mean that the band didn't bring it all to the table.

As if the place was packed to a standing room only crowd, Neon Summer delivered the first half of their set with utmost enthusiasm and musicianship that I haven't seen in a longtime from a band on Broadway and quickly captured my interest. In between some familiar covers from the likes of George Strait, Brooks & Dunn, and Jason Aldean, they fused in original songs like the up-tempo “Ready or not”, and used it early on in their set to showcase they’re extremely tight harmonies

Anna Ash, one of the two girls in the band also very unexpectedly called Tom up on stage
to share a dance with her as they played Keith Whitley’s “Don't Close Your Eyes”. Not bad
first night for my buddy Tom in Nashville, uh?

But then midway through their set something great began to happen. As the soccer game came to a close, and the UFC fights ended, the people at those events weren't done partying quite yet and began to make their way to Broadway and more importantly to the Cadillac Ranch. As the venue began to pack in with people, some all the way from Trinidad, the band continued to pour it all out on stage and maintain the crowd that had now arrived.

The crowd was singing along as Angela Short took the microphone and belted out her version of Sarah Evans “Suds in the Bucket” and the popular Dolly Parton hit 9-to- 5 while Anna wasn't afraid to bring some folks on stage to teach them how to dance a “Boot Scoot Boogie” as they played a popular Brooks and Dunn tune.

They also began to show a bit more of their rock side as the night went on as they included
Pat Benatar’s “Hit me with your best shot” and Heart’s “What about love” into their set. But being the professionals that they are and never forgetting the reasons they play shows, they made sure to save some of their best original material for the second part of the set and with the crowd already into the show and staying put in the venue they played “In a little while” and the outstanding “If i had my way”, a song written by popular songwriter James House (A Broken Wing, Ain't That Lonely Yet).

The Combination of original material filtered in between classic country songs and modern era country songs seemed to be a wining set list for the band and for the fans alike. It gave the fans a chance to sing-a-long with the familiarity of the set, but also gave Stony Run the opportunity to present their original material which is what they are building their name on and the fans seemed to take to the original material very well,almost as if they have known it for years.

After seeing so many performances I am a stubborn guy myself at times when it comes to what I like in a performance, but they did everything right with this one. Their Personalities on stage and original material is what really kept me interested. Cover songs are a dime a dozen, so great originals and personality is a key in this business and Neon Summer presented both. You felt like you were hanging out and watching old friends even if you had just come in off of the streets. Their welcoming personalities invited you to be a part of the show, which is a difficult aspect to control in a live show and Anna literally had people coming up to her and talking to her while she was performing songs when the musical breaks were happening. - Country Weekly, Nashville TN